The mission and vision of YWCA Olympia is as important as it has ever been.  The violence of racism and white supremacy culture run through nearly every strand in the fabric of our society. Systemic police brutality against Black and Brown bodies, mass incarceration of communities of color, glaring economic and health disparities deepened by the COVID-19 pandemic, and in so many nuanced forms of unconscious bias that we must be vigilant in naming and unlearning.  Through our programs and organizational practices, YWCA Olympia intends to provide education opportunities and spaces to practice unlearning and dismantling these harmful patterns and norms.  This is an urgent and critical need. 

YWCA Olympia is a Center for Healing in Community, Antiracist Education and Participant-Led Advocacy.   In support of our mission and vision, we provide: opportunities for healing from the traumas of racism and sexism through community building spaces, antiracist education, and participant-centered advocacy. YWCA Olympia supports youth, adults and community institutions to take meaningful action toward our collective work of becoming an antiracist community.