Haki Logo

Haki is a nonprofit organization based in Lacey, WA that seeks to bolster sustainable farming knowledge present in Black, Migrant and Indigenous communities.  Haki Collective seeks to enhance food sovereignty in these communities through skill-building education opportunities, growing and distributing fresh grown foods where they are most needed, and creating spaces in which vulnerable communities can garden in urban settings. Haki also aims to increase understanding of BIPOC needs by collaborating with others to conduct research on culturally relevant traditional staple crops for diaspora communities to understand the limitations and benefits that exist in culturally staple crop access for BIPOC. In order to increase awareness of food sovereignty and medicinal herb cultivation, Haki will team up with local indigenous herbalists of the Coast Salish First Peoples to learn and engage in indigenous people’s history and knowledge as well from our diverse immigrant communities.  To educate the youth on food sovereignty, Haki will develop a K-12 Food Sovereignty Curriculum.  The curriculum will focus on agriculture, agroecology, and food sovereignty for BIPOC students.  Lewis McChord Air Force Base is in proximity to Haki’s urban farm. As a result, there is a large veteran population in Lacey and the surrounding area. Haki is already engaged with BIPOC veteran groups who are interested in learning about food production.