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Climate Resources

Climate Action Planning

Climate Action Toolbox Resources for Thurston County Climate Action

Sustainable Thurston Executive Summary

Sustainable Thurston Plan

Thuston Climate Adaptation Plan

Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan

Regional Climate Mitigation Plan_Phase2_and_Scope_Final_Draft_08_28_18

Climate Policy

Zero Net Carbon Policy Tool Kit .pdf

2013 Green Jobs Report

Climate Legislative and Executive Workgroup (CLEW)

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability

Washington’s Department of Ecology

Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA)

Thurston Conservation District

United Nations Agenda 21

UN Conference on Climate Change

Paris Climate Agreement Summary

Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy

The Next System Project

The Climate Reality Project


350.org Seattle

Energy Efficiency

Home Efficiency Options: Heat Pump Water Heaters, Home Heating Systems,  Appliances, Building Envelope

Thurston Energy

Washington State University – Energy Programs

Washington State Energy Rebates & Incentives

Washington State Department of Commerce Energy & Technology Programs

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Thurston Region Greenhouse Gas Emissions (2010-2017) Update, April 2019 presentation

Thurston County Greenhouse Gas Inventory 2018

Greenhouse Gas Inventory-Report for Calendar Year 2010

Thurston County Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report Version 1

Renewable Energy

Washington State University – Renewable Energy Programs


Washington Department of Transportation Climate Change Program

Transportation and Climate Change Clearinghouse

Science & Impact

Thurston Carbon Wedge Analysis: Scenario 6: Deep Decarb + High EV

Climate Impacts Communities of Color

Thurston Clean Energy Climate Survey Report 2-23-16

Sightline Institute

Thurston County Activities Related to Climate Change

Climate Solutions

University of Washington Climate Impacts Group