Climate Art in Action Group

The Art in Action Group believes that beauty, creativity, and collaboration are essential to creating a world where we not only survive, but thrive. We use collaborative art as a way to engage with the hard realities of the climate crisis, to inspire others to take action in their own lives, and to pressure local government to take bold action for Climate Justice.


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Check out the Collaborative Climate Poem created at our Climate Art Event on April 30th

Climate poem from art launch

“Art breaks down barriers. It opens Hearts. It allows people to see, if only for a moment, something they never saw before.” - Carrie Ziegler, Lead Artist. 

Check out some of the collaborative Art Actions TCAT has taken:

*The Chrysalis Project: Transforming Together - 2020 (Click Here)

* The Climate Justice Mural - 2021 (Click Here).